Intellectual Property

Our consultants have extensive experience assisting our clients in identifying and optimising the core value of their businesses. Each member of the group has a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and provides practical commercially focused advice to maximise assets, including:


Filing trade marks in Hong Kong and worldwide;

Advising on trade mark selection and development;

Managing trade mark portfolios;

Registrability and infringement searches;

Advising on use of registered & unregistered marks;

Investigating trade mark use;

Trade mark watching and monitoring;

Opposition proceedings against accepted trademarks;

Advising on infringement and validity of registrations;

Filing a custom recordal of trademarks

Drafting & Application
Utility Model Patent
Invention Patent
Design Patent
Patent litigation
Patent Analysis
Infringement Analysis
FTO (freedom to operate)

Chinese Customs

Chinese customs authorities have established regulations and systems to facilitate the recordal and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights over goods entering and leaving China.

Recordal is available for the following types of IP:

Trademarks registered in China;

Any copyright subject matter; and

Patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office (including design, invention and utility models).

Customs enforcement:

If customs detects suspected infringing goods, they will detain the goods and ask the IP owner to quickly confirm that the goods are indeed fake.

If the owners confirm that the shipments are genuine, customs will release the goods. If the owner confirms the goods infringing, then customs will detain the goods subject to immediate payment of a bond.

Customs must make an infringement determination within 30 working days after the seizure.  If customs deems the goods to be infringing, it normally will destroy the seized goods or donate the goods (with the infringing elements removed) to charities. IP owners have the option to purchase the goods.  In most of the cases, the infringer(s) will contact us for negotiation by giving a royalty fee/penalty to the IP owners for exchanging shipment release.

You may now consider filing your existing IP to China customs recordal.


Branding, Upgrading, Domestics (BUD) — HK$7,000,000

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) — HK$600,000

Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) — HK$10,000,000

New Industrialisation Funding Scheme (NIFS) — HK$15,000,000

Smart Traffic Fund (STF) — HK$20,000,000

The Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund (TSF) — HK$5,000,000

Recycling Fund — HK$15,000,000

Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) — HK$5,000,000

Cleaner Production Partnership Programme (CPPP) — HK$3,430,000

Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living (Better Living) — HK$5,000,000

Green Tech Fund (GTF) — HK$20,000,000

Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers — HK$1,000,000